New beginnings…. Posted by Liz Welch September 14th, 2010

Today is a big day:  Our paperback publishes and we are celebrating with a reading in Brooklyn surrounded by friends and family.  To document the launch, Dan is going to do a video a day for the next week or so.  And then us less savvy sisters will choose favorite photos that help explain what has happened since our story came out in the world.  It has been one year since our book was first published and the paperback takes that into account, with new pages–16 in all–that explain what happened next. It is a question so many of our fans asked us on this site, and one we get at every book group and reading: Was Amanda a good surrogate mom?  YES!  Did Diana get a tattoo?  Um, yes.  (and she did the FIRST one herself with a needle and some indigo ink…)  Did Dan get ever arrested.  Hell no! In fact, he went on to find not only a booming career as a location scout for television and film, but also a beautiful inside and out partner. They now have a son, Jackson Robert Welch, named for our father.   Diana has a son too, Harvey Moon Hartman, born the same month this book came out and the same month she turned 32.   As for me, I found true love, too. His name is Gideon and I never knew a man so kind or generous or supportive.   We got married last on May 30, 2009 in our back yard surrounded our siblings. And so I chose this photo for today, to mark this new beginning.  It is proof that we Welches are better than all right!


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