Paperback LAUNCH!!!!!! Posted by Liz Welch September 13th, 2010

Tomorrow is a BIG DAY!!!  The paperback version of The Kids Are All Right is having its coming out party and all my siblings are coming to New York to celebrate!  Diana arrives this morning with one-year-old Harvey, Dan and Amanda show up tomorrow afternoon and we will all be getting together at Power House Arena, the phenomenal Brooklyn bookstore by DUMBO’s waterfront that same evening at 7pm to share a glass (or two…) of wine with friends as well as read a hilarious section of the book (and a sad one, too.  Hard to avoid!) A Q&A follows with all four of us.  If you are in the NYC area, please come join us!  And if you can’t, then check out our **NEW AND IMPROVED** website daily as Dan will be documenting the launch with a video clip a day….

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