soap stories keep bubbling up Posted by Liz Welch September 27th, 2010

One of the most amazing things we have discovered since writing this book is how many fans remember our mom.  One woman got in touch recently to share an article she had stumbled upon on the website We Love Soaps.  We had never seen it before:

It is amazing, really, to have a mother who was so beloved by so many people, not as our mother but as her characters.  The soap community remembers her so fondly–friends have reached out to say how much they enjoyed the book like John Cunningham, who played Garth Slater her alcoholic husband on Loving.  Morgan Fairchild cried on Good Morning America about how much mom loved her kids. And she cried on the phone to me years ago to say how she wished she did not have to kill her on Search for Tomorrow.  Courtney Simon sent a letter to say how proud our mom would be of us for writing this story together!  And then when I wrote an ode to my mother, and the end of soap operas as we know them for the Op Ed page of the NYTimes even more people got in touch.  Including Mary Stuart’s son. She started with Search for Tomorrow back in the radio days playing Jo.…   Eunice was her sister and Mary was Dan’s Godmother.  In fact, while writing the book, we reconnected with her.  She told us about her memoir, Both of Me, about playing the same role for more than three decades!  And then, months after we met, Karen Kayser called to say, ‘your mother is in the newspaper… ‘ Mary Stuart’s obituary had a picture of mom smiling down on us, I think, as if to let us know that she is all right as well.

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  1. William Reynolds says:

    I had the most unique pleasure of being Ann’s guest at the SFT studio on April 30, 1974. I was 18 years old. How do I know the date so distincly? Because on our way home from the studio, we heard on the car radio that President Nixon had released teh Watergate tapes.
    I dearly love and miss Ann so much. As it turned out, we had a mutual friend, Margaret Churchill in Mount Kisco.
    May God Bless you all.

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