mix tape

If there were ever to be an official soundtrack to to the Welch kids’ lives, it would be the one that was compiled mainly by Amanda, the eldest. She spent hours taping video of The Uncle Floyd Show, Solid Gold, Saturday Night Live and more. Above is just a sampling of the riches that are 80s videos, a genre that formed each of us, for better or for worse, both music and fashion-wise.

Amanda also made us mixes for as long as we can remember, and her musical influence can still be seen in each of our collections. While writing this memoir, we realized just how important music has been in our lives – so many of our memories involved specific songs. Below is The Official Kids Are All Right Mixtape, which you can download directly from iTunes. And though it’s made up entirely of songs by bands or musicians we mentioned in the book, it is an edited selection – in other words, we spared you WHAM’s “Wake me up Before you Go Go” and most of the show tunes.  And though Amanda made it clear to us that she could do without the Boss, he’s staying. Big sisters don’t always get their way.