Good Morning America Posted by Diana Welch January 1st, 2010

How crazy is it that we were on Good Morning America? Pretty freaking crazy.

Also crazy is that Liz, Dan, and Amanda came to Austin, Texas to film the segment, because Diana was too pregnant to fly (that’s nine months pregnant, in case you were wondering). And they came in August, when it was 105 degrees. And Diana picked them up from the airport in a car with no air conditioning.

Anyway, despite all that sweat, producer Brian O’Keefe made a beautiful segment that would have definitely made our mother proud.

Click here to see what Morgan Fairchild had to say about her old pal, our mother, Ann Williams! (And also, you’ll get to see Liz cry. And meet Diana’s son, Harvey Moon!)

People Magazine Posted by admin December 29th, 2009

While traveling alongside Katherine on her adoption journey, why don’t you make a pit stop in the book section to refuel with a timeless tale of children overcoming tragedy? (And, if you see Kelly Osbourne on the way, tell her she looked fine before, for crying out loud.)

Click on image to read Caroline Leavitt’s review!


Glamour Posted by admin December 28th, 2009


Oprah Magazine Posted by admin December 27th, 2009

That’s right! The Big O! Seal of approval! And we’re on the same page as Margaret Atwood. What?!?! Huge thanks to our new favorite person, Peter Cameron, for such an amazing review. (Could we buy you a beer or three, Peter? Is that ethical?)

Click on the image below to read the man’s expert opinion…


Vanity Fair Posted by admin December 26th, 2009

OMG. (LOL smiley face.) We still can’t believe that Elissa Schappell picked our book — out of all the books that arrive in her mailbox — for her Hot Type Column. It’s really a dream come true. And then she went and put us in a stack with E.L Doctorow, Nick Hornby, and Jon Krakauer and our heads grew three times that day. (We also can’t believe what an incredible a-hole that Ryan O’Neal is. Our hearts go out to Tatum and the gang, for reals. Talk about children overcoming tragedy…)

Click on the image below to see how deftly Ms. Schappell fits a zillion book reviews on one page…


Writers Reading on Posted by Diana Welch December 25th, 2009

You can hear the Welches read an excerpt from the book here.

Austin American Statesman Posted by Diana Welch December 24th, 2009

We were recently all together at Diana’s place in Austin for Thanksgiving, and we did a reading at BookPeople where we bribed our audience with hot toddies.

You can read Amanda’s take on Thanksgiving here, and you can read Joe Gross’ take on how Diana is perceived in Austin here.

AOL’s Parent Dish Posted by Diana Welch December 22nd, 2009

The day this interview with Diana and Liz was posted on AOL, we received a pile of emails from people who related to our story – from those whose parents died when they were young to a single foster mother  – and they had yet to read the book!

So, thanks to Jeanne Sager, who conducted such a great interview!

Click here to read Liz and Diana’s interview for AOL’s Parent Dish.

channel 19 Posted by Diana Welch December 20th, 2009

Dan and Amanda were interviewed on the local Virginian news channel!

(Dan just moved from Brooklyn to Virginia, btw. He and his fiancee bought a farm only six miles from Amanda, who not-so-secretly thinks it was a strategic move so he could borrow her tractor)

Which reminds me of a funny story: First night at his new home, Dan called Amanda to ask where he could get some food.

“At the grocery store,” she replied.

“No, like where can I get something to eat?” Dan asked again.

“Seriously, Dan, you have to go to the grocery store,” Amanda told him. Like, duh. “You buy food and then you cook it.”

It was a moment of realization for us all: Since he was a teenager, Dan has never lived anywhere he couldn’t have food delivered to his door! I predict many a dinner of  corndogs from the Amoco Food Shop. Good luck on the farm, bro!

Oh, I almost forgot. Click here to watch the video.

Austin Chronicle Posted by Diana Welch December 19th, 2009

From fisting to eating bugs – man, you can say anything in the Chronicle! Which is why Diana loved writing for them so much.

Click here to read the venerable alt weekly’s take on their former employee.