channel 19
Dec 2009

Dan and Amanda were interviewed on the local Virginian news channel!

(Dan just moved from Brooklyn to Virginia, btw. He and his fiancee bought a farm only six miles from Amanda, who not-so-secretly thinks it was a strategic move so he could borrow her tractor)

Which reminds me of a funny story: First night at his new home, Dan called Amanda to ask where he could get some food.

“At the grocery store,” she replied.

“No, like where can I get something to eat?” Dan asked again.

“Seriously, Dan, you have to go to the grocery store,” Amanda told him. Like, duh. “You buy food and then you cook it.”

It was a moment of realization for us all: Since he was a teenager, Dan has never lived anywhere he couldn’t have food delivered to his door! I predict many a dinner of  corndogs from the Amoco Food Shop. Good luck on the farm, bro!

Oh, I almost forgot. Click here to watch the video.

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