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The lady we called Mom was known to most everybody else as Ann Williams, the soap opera actress.  Though she got her start as Erica Brandt on The Young Doctor Malone, she made her name as the original Dr. Maggie Fielding on The Doctors in the early Sixties. Her longest gig was with Search for Tomorrow – she played Eunice Twining Gardner Wyatt from 1966-1976, until she was shot in the back by her cheating husband’s mistress Jennifer Pace, played by Morgan Fairchild. Her next role was the villainous Margo Huntington on The Edge of Night, in a story line that involved a sham marriage to a cult leader and pornography. On Loving, she played June Slater, the tortured alcoholic mother and wife in daytime TV’s first incest storyline – her husband, Garth Slater, kept her drugged and drunk so he could molest their daughter, Lily. Her final TV role, which she took when she was extremely ill, was a bit part on Guiding Light, in which she was credited as the Blind Woman.

Ann Williams loved being an actress on the soaps, and the soap community loved her right back. They supported her throughout her illness, writing her story lines around her radiation treatments and even giving her work script-doctoring when she was too sick to get out of bed. For this we will be forever grateful.

Dan put the above clips up on YouTube a while ago, and we were all amazed when the comments came rolling in — our mom still has fans out there! If you’re interested in reading what people have been saying, simply double-click on any video to open up YouTube in a new window.

Also, our parents were into recording Super 8 home movies for a while. Amanda kept them for years until Dan asked to have them. He edited them down and made his sisters a beautiful Christmas gift he dubbed the Welch Family Saga, which we have posted below. Also mixed in there is Auntie Eve, a prominent character in our book, talking about the night our father died.

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