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Sue corbett’s story Posted by Diana Welch November 5th, 2009


Sue Corbett was the president of our mom’s fan club, Ann & Company. This is her story.

“I grew up loving Soap Operas and first became aware of Ann Williams when she was on The Doctors. I wrote her a fan letter in the late 60’s and she sent me a reply along with a beautiful photo of her with a horse. I asked Ann if I could start a fan club for her and that’s where it all began.” Read more →

Mom, I mean June, admits to shooting Garth! Posted by Liz Welch November 2nd, 2009


As witnessed in the Page 99 test: “Mom had other things to think about. June, her character on Loving, was about to murder her husband Garth Slater, who kept her drunk so he could sneak into their daughter Lily’s room at night to molest her. In the script, she kills Garth to protect Lily. While that may have been good for Lily, it was not good for us. June was being sent to an insane asylum which meant Mom was out of a job as of that spring.”

Click through to watch the clip from Loving, and decide for yourself if you think June did the right thing!

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