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Sue corbett’s story

Sue Corbett was the president of our mom’s fan club, Ann & Company. This is her story.

“I grew up loving Soap Operas and first became aware of Ann Williams when she was on The Doctors. I wrote her a fan letter in the late 60’s and she sent me a reply along with a beautiful photo of her with a horse. I asked Ann if I could start a fan club for her and that’s where it all began.”

“Neither one of us knew anything about clubs so we learned together. Ann was always so giving to her fans and always treated me like a friend. Fan clubs were just beginning to get big about that time and Ann was always so good about leaving her family for a day to attend conventions and she was always one of the most popular. Ann always invited my friends, Delores Torrence & Diann Clark, and myself to her house when we were in town. I have so many fond memories of that grey house. I remember swimming with the three older kids in the pool mentioned in the book. I also enjoyed hearing what you had to say about Morgan Fairchild. My mom and I were at the studio on Morgan’s first day of taping. I have beautiful photos & memories of that trip.
My parents and I drove to Detriot when Ann was in “Applause” on their pre-Broadway try-outs. Then I saw it again on Broadway. Diann, Delores and I also went to Washington DC to see Ann in “The Headhunters.”
She loved her family more than anything.
When she was home she was just mommy and not the big soap star she was. I remember hearing about Bob’s death. I was in NYC and called the house and Aunt Eve told me what had happened. Ann was in the hospital at the time and I was so shocked when I heard about her cancer. I remember her telling me how lucky she was that they got it all.
She said she had to be there for her chldren. It is so hard to see Ann in the photos when she was very ill. I want to remember her as the beautiful and vibrant person she was.
I was so surprised and happy when Delores called and told me about this book. It has brought back so many wonderful memories. So many times throughout the years I had wondered what had happened to you all. Ann always said Liz was the actress and Amanda was the vet. It was heartbreaking to hear everything you have all been through but your mom and dad would be very proud of what you have all accomplished in your lives.”

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