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Delores Torrence’s Story

One the main reasons we knew our mom was famous was because she had a fan club, and she was as dedicated to them as they were to her, corresponding with them religiously and even inviting members over to our house. Delores Torrence was one of those members. This is her story:

“I began being a big fan of your mother’s during her Dr. Maggie Fielding days in the Sixties. I followed her career and life from then on, and was beyond thrilled the first time I met her in ‘real life.'”

“During the Seventies, I had wonderful opportunities to visit her several times. Her fan club president, Sue Corbett, was from Ohio. Along with my local friend, Diann Clark, Sue and I would meet in NYC about once a year. During that time, there were lots of soap opera clubs and various events for fan clubs. Sue, Diann and I also went to Ann in the play ‘The Headhunters’ in Washington, D.C., and ‘Applause’ at An Evening Dinner Theater.

Ann invited us out to visit her several times. I remember the gray house well. Ann was a lovely, lovely lady, both inside and out. She treated us as ‘friends’ and not just fans. Several times she made arrangements for the three of us to visit her on the set of  ‘Search For Tomorrow.’ After our visits, we would write articles for the fan club journal, ‘Ann & Company.’

I have photo albums galore of those years.  I have glamorous photos of her and also photos she called ‘Mommy photos.’ They are beautiful and mean so much to me. The article you mentioned in the book about Amanda’s birth and ‘the baby that took Ann Williams off TV?’ I still have that as well. I never met your dad, but he was very handsome! And I know your mom loved him very much. Her entire family meant the world to her.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing the book. It made me laugh and it made me cry. I knew that Ann passed away with cancer, but I didn’t know how many times she faced it or how heart-wrenching the entire story was. I cried and cried when reading about it.

I made a scrapbook that I treasure.  Ann signed it for me,

To Delores, As Always, my special friend, onward and upward!

Ann Williams (with a smiley face).”

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