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erin mahoney’s story

In fourth grade, Diana got a Best Friend’s necklace with Erin Mahoney. Diana can’t remember who had “Be Fri” and who had “st ends,” but she does remember that the necklace caused a minor controversy among the girls in the cafeteria. This is Erin’s story.

“Growing up, I had three best friends all of whom moved away, Diana being one of them.  The only difference was that I found out she had already moved just a few weeks before school started back up and I, of course, was devastated. I had no idea why she had moved. All I knew is that we both wore our ‘Best Friends’ necklaces and I now didn’t have the other part of the necklace to make it complete.”

“I  attended Rippowam Cisqua with Diana and we had the best time.  I was always a little bit of a trouble maker and Diana had no problem playing along – although she was a lot slicker then me. I always ended up getting in trouble.

My memories of Mrs. Chamberlain are that she was uptight and rigid and that her daughters were always dressed like victorian dolls. I do remember going over to the Chambermlain’s for playdates with Diana — she always seemed so much more reserved at their house then she ever did at school.

In fact, Diana was completely the opposite at school: Fun and outgoing, she always seemed so happy.  She brought so much energy into a room.  She seemed to have such a strong sense of self; I remember being jealous of that.  She never seemed to let anyone bother her.  If the boys in our class were mean she seemed to brush it off while I would be in the bathroom crying.  I really just remember looking up to Diana and wanting to have that confidence, stength, and overall joy that she seemed to have.

My favorite memory with Diana is when a bunch of girls from our class went up to my parents’ house in Stratton, Vermont.  We pretended that we were in the movie Stand By Me and set out on an adventure down the dirt road to a ‘haunted house.’ On the way back up to my house we hadour arms around each other and we sang the lyrics to “Stand by Me.”  I just re-read those lyrics online it sent chills up my spine…they seem so fitting to what she was going through at the time. Never in a million years would I have known that she was suffering so much.  I had no idea what Diana had been through with her parents up until a few days ago and I was shocked.  I guess Diana was an amazing actress, just like her mom.”

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