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Seven months after our mom died, Liz boarded a plane to Oslo, Norway to live with Hege and Peter Anker as their nanny.  This is their story:

“It started with Montgomery calling Peter sometime in 1986. He told us about the tragic history of the four children in Bedford who had lost both their parents. Montgomery and Daisy had accepted to become legal guardians of one of them, the young girl of seventeen called Liz. Having been friends with the Stewarts for many years we where happy to say yes when  asked  to host her stay in Norway for a few month.  They thought a new scene would be good for Liz.”

Our three children–Carsten, Erik and Elisabeth–where 7 and 6 years and 8-months-old.  The boys where anxious to live with an American girl from who they could pick up new English words. They where happy to let Liz have one of their rooms all to herself.

Liz came in August 1986, and we all thought she was a very nice, open American girl. She soon became part of the family.

One of the first things we did with Liz was to bring her down to our cottage, located on a small island (Vasskalven) about 120 kms south of Oslo. Soon she met all of our family + numerous friends. She fit right in. During her stay, we learned to appreciate her pleasant  personality.

She taught us to make many different dishes. For instance, her lasagna became the family`s recipe and it still is.

Liz said in The Kids Are All Right that Hege taught her to knit. The problem is that Hege never was a good knitter. And yet, Liz managed to make a pullover for her sister Diana. We talked a lot about losing both her parents. She worried about Dan a lot, but she felt that Diana had come to a nice family. She did not worry much about Amanda either. Liz talked daily about her brother and sisters, and showed serious concern.

Hege lost her mother in a car accident when she was six years old, and Peter lost his father when he was 5. At least, we had some understanding of what it meant to lose a parent.
Upon the return to Oslo Liz started to clean our friend`s houses to earn some money for her forthcoming trip around Norway and Scandinavia.

We had to go to the States while she was staying with us. She babysat the boys. We brought Elisabeth with us. Liz told Hege to buy “The Silver Palate Cookbook” in the States. And of course we did.

Liz managed to find French croissants in Oslo. We did not know that they even existed at that time!  On the morning of our wedding anniversary, she woke us up with coffe and croissants. TYPICAL LIZ!!!  She also made us a gourmet dinner that evening from page 77 in that cook book;  Pasta with Lobster and Tarragon.

We also had a big dinner party and she made a gourmet dinner from the cookbook:  herb crepes with caviar and sour cream, rack of lamb and chocolate souffle for dessert. Liz became quite famous for her cooking among our friends. And everybody loved her choclate chip cookies, especially the boys and their friends.

Late in the fall, Liz took off on a backpacking trip to Bergen, Trondheim, Sweden and Finland all by herself.  WHAT A BRAVE ADVENTUROUS GIRL !!!
She came back to us after her trip full of stories. Soon after she went back to America. It got quite empty after she left us.

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