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Jonthy Williams’ Story

Jonthy was married to our mother’s only brother John Williams, who we only knew as Uncle Buzz. We suggest you read Amanda’s sample chapter before you read this submission, as Jonthy is responding to the memories Amanda included in that chapter only, not the whole book. We have a feeling that, if she had read the whole book before submitting this, her story would have been addressed to all of us!

“This is to Amanda.

Friends told me about your appearance on “Good Morning America” and I watched the segment last night on the internet. I was thrilled that you, Liz, Danny, and Diana had collaborated on a book (especially the positive aspects). I then found a link to your web site.”

“I read each chapter posted there. I was greatly hurt Amanda, in the way you spoke of John. While I do agree with you that John was frugel in many respects, I think you need to know that his annual salary at the time of Bob’s death was little more than $25,000 dollars.

John, at the behest of your dad, took courses to be able to sell shares in your dad’s oil company. The $25,000 that he invested, was not his money. It was his boss’s money at the Museum of Science and History. So, just as Ann was deluged with calls, so was John. It was implied to John that he might lose his new job at the museum if he did get the investor’s money back. You make it sound like he robbed Ann.

Also, in regard to the Grand Canyon. Your family made that trip with John before I came into his life. However, he remembered it as something special. And the steak dinner at the bottom of the canyon? John and I took groups of 20 people there every other year till his death in 1999. Not one person complained as you have about the food. I think it might have been your filet mignon upbringing that colored your perspective. John only had kind words for you and all of Ann’s kids. I am glad to know that you at least did him the service of referring to him as “Uncle Buzz.” I am sorry you had such hatred for him. Everyone sees things the way they want to see them, Amanda.”


  1. Kelly Julian says:

    It’s funny how we all remember things differently. It’s a shame she would feel hurt or angry with your memories. Not only were you a kid and now recalling things as an adult, it was YOUR perception Amanda, not hers. I did not read any hatred in your recollections either.

  2. Jonthy says:

    So Kelly. When Amanda says I hated Uncle Buzz . . . you don’t read any hatred in that? Read the book again.

    You must be a good friend of Amanda’s

  3. Sandra says:

    Why didn’t Uncle Buzz move to Bedford and be a legal guardian for his neices and nephew instead of taking groups of 20 people to the Grand Canyon until his death in 1999?

  4. Jonthy says:

    Uncle Buzz was never asked by Ann Williams. And Uncle Buzz was the legal guardian to his 90-something mother that the children hated. Unless you know about family dynamics you should butt out!

  5. Jonthy says:

    Sandra, another thought. Why didn’t the kids other Uncles (from the Welch side of the family) become legal guardians to the kids? They were a lot closer than Texas.

  6. Jonthy says:

    Also, John wasn’t into smoking pot with his nieces and nephew.

  7. Jonthy says:

    I love how you Welch kids (sorry adults) edit comments that you don’t like. Oh, I forgot . . . the “Kids are Right.” Toke away . . . you wouldn’t want anyone to know the real truth.

    • admin says:

      Sorry Jonthy! I did not realize that there were so many messages waiting for approval! That was my fault entirely. Hope you are well! Best, Liz

  8. Matt says:

    Jonthy, I think you should make peace with your bitterness. It was Amanda’s perspective; you may not agree with it, but you weren’t going through what she and the other kids were. Sure, you can complain that other people could have stepped up and helped the Welch children, but it’s too little, too late. If you feel so strongly that “the real truth” isn’t being told…write your own book/rebuttal. But the bitterness you have is sad. Move on. The world has.

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